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How Keep It Safe! Works

Keep It Safe!TM makes home inventory easy and fast.

Add most common household items--and many uncommon ones--without typing, using more than 1000 built-in item names.

Add most items to your inventory with three mouse clicks. Select a default shopping style to pull up built-in price points automatically.

Inventory your home with mouse clicks.
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Change your default shopping style at any time if you tend to spend more on some types of items than on others.

Use defaults to speed inventory.

Optional Entries

Type in an exact purchase price for any item. Type in a number if you own more than one of the item.

Add a photograph or scanned-in receipt.

Use the Notes fields to record information on purchase dates, maintenance, serial numbers, family heirlooms, etc.

Add details if you wish to.

Other Features

Sort your inventory by category, item name, purchase price, or other factors.

Display home inventory on-screen or print.
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Print out your inventory or burn both the inventory and photographs to a CD.

Cosmo Keeps It Safe
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Why users prefer Keep It SafeTM home-inventory software

"I have probably downloaded over 20 home inventory programs and yours is the easiest to enter data that I have found."

- Patricia L.